Civica CMI

Civica CMI Leadership Team

Civica CMI is led by a highly experienced team, with an ambitious vision and a strong track record of performance. The collective experience and effective leadership of the business has been instrumental in making us the innovative, people-focused business we are today.

Lin Malott

Managing Director / CEO

Lin is responsible for the management of the daily operations at Civica CMI. She also works to manage strategic relationships with Civica CMI Business Partners. Lin has a Bachelor of Science degree from Miami University in Marketing and Decision Sciences and has over 20 years of experience in providing solutions to the Public Sector. Lin currently serves as President to the Ohio NENA Chapter. She joined Civica CMI in 1989.

Arvind Kohli

Finance Director

Arvind is responsible for all Civica CMI Administrative and Accounting functions, including General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Purchasing, Inventory Control, Billing, Fixed Assets, Payroll, Benefits, and Building Maintenance. Arvind's background includes many years of finance and leadership roles with multiple Fortune 500 companies.His education includes earning his CPA, CMA certification from CPA Ontario, as well as an Honors Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Windsor.


Jill Weaver

Director of Customer Service

Jill joined Civica CMI in February 2012 as a BIS Finance Business Consultant, but is currently serving as the Director of Customer Service, overseeing all aspects of client/employee interactions. Jill has experience in Business Management, Customer Service, Operations, Project Management, Process Improvement, Data Analysis, and Transportation Automation Systems. She has also previously served as a liaison between Software Vendors, Information Technology, and programming for the Petroleum Industry. Jill has a Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Cincinnati.

Melissa Matherne

Contract & Revenue Manager

Melissa is responsible for the administration of all Civica CMI contracts for new and existing customers, as well as all annual software license renewals and hardware maintenance contracts. Melissa has been an employee of Civica CMI for over 20 years.


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