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Authority Mobile provides first responders with the most important weapon they need to respond quickly and safely – Local, State, and National intelligence information.

Civica CMI Authority Mobile is designed for first responders by first responders to improve officer productivity and safety. You do not have to be a computer expert to use the latest in touch-screen technology to receive and acknowledge dispatch messages. With Authority Mobile, it is easy to drill-down on call details, priors, known weapons, domestics, stolen vehicles, and possible warrants. Audio and visual cues prompt attention when it is needed. Keep tabs on all units that are on duty and be ready and briefed at a moment’s notice to assist on any call.

Authority Mobile Features:

  • Integration to Civica CMI Authority CAD provides Silent Dispatching to mobile units. Receive a heads-up on crimes in progress without alerting the criminal community.
  • Integration to Civica CMI Authority RMS for in-house warrant checks and call history.
  • Pre-planned Playbook Information is available in the car so that all first responders arrive with the same complete information.
  • Access to Civica CMI Electronic Reporting allows auto-populating of reports in the field from queries run in the car.
  • Direct access to State and National Databases, including BMV/DMV photos or identification verifications.
  • System-wide alerts may be self-initiated or automatically broadcast by Signal Code.


Authority Mobile Package

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