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Authority Jail Management System provides a comprehensive solution for Jail processes from start to finish with newly engineered software powered by Microsoft SQL® Server Database.

Authority Jail Managment System (JMS) fully integrates with Civica CMI Authority Records Management. This ensures all relevant arrestee information can be auto-populated into the Authority JMS.

Authority JMS also integrates warnings and other alerts from the RMS to ensure the safety of both Jail personnel and inmates.

You'll be able to track inmate movement within and outside of the Jail, schedule events, and isolate specific inmates from each other.

Visitation processing supports screening for outstanding wants and warrants and tracks all visitation activity.

Each installation will receive a customized facility map integrated in the main control panel which allows for exceptional ease in managing inmates.

These powerful features (and more) are packaged in a simple, easy-to-use and understand interface.

Authority Jail Management System


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