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Next Generation 9-1-1 communication technologies to process voice, text, data, images, and video input are built into Authority CAD.

Civica CMI Authority Safety meets Next Generation 9-1-1 Requirements head on, with a newly engineered CAD application powered by Microsoft® SQL Server database. When it came time to redesign our CAD application for Next Generation, Civica CMI designed it hand-in-hand with live dispatch operations.

Whether you are a call taker, a dispatcher, or change in and out of dispatching roles, Authority CAD has the flexibility to work with your changing and unpredictable environment.

There are multiple PSAP configurations to provide interoperability in any scenario.

There are options for command line-driven or mouse-driven entry to make dispatching fast, accurate, and flexible to use, no matter what systems you have utilized before.

Automated tow rotation and performance monitoring for tow companies is available.
A log of CAD events is automatically generated and maintained as a by-product of dispatching calls. There is NO extra keying for complete documentation of every call.

At Civica CMI, we know dispatch, because we have been supporting Dispatch Centers for the past 30 years!

Authority CAD

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